Roof Cleaning Camberley

For years, Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean has provided unrivalled services for roof cleaning Camberley residents favour over all others. We are both efficient and cost effective. In addition, we give you long lasting results. If this is what you have been looking for as well, you’ve come to the right place.

Roof cleaning must become a top priority

Roof cleaning CamberleyPreserving your roof needs to become a top priority if it isn’t already. In addition to making everything look a thousand times better and protecting the property value, it comes with several health benefits.

After you decide to get a roof cleaning service, the next thing you should ask is how you want to do it. From personal experience, we can tell you that non-pressure soft washing is the best.

If you’ve used cleaning contractors before, you’ll likely have seen them using pressure washers. It’s true that these devices have uses in some jobs. However, roof cleaning is not one of them. Those that do use them will have their own convincing arguments for using the washers. The truth though is that they can cause harm to your roof. This reason alone is why our business does not use them. We clean everything manually and do not cause damage in the process.

We stick with our own biocide treatments

Something else we avoid doing is using big box shop chemicals. It may sound easy to just spray the chemical on and think that you’re done with it. However, those that have used them may see a lack of results and complain. They’re not only ineffective however. They can also be difficult to use. With us, you won’t have to deal with troublesome chemicals. We use a special biocide after initially cleaning your roof of debris. Our Algo Clear product will prevent any regrowths from taking place for the mid to long term.

Let us assist you

Because we are the best for roof cleaning Camberley has, the work we do makes a huge difference. We are even able to restore the colour of your roof. This will be a welcome change to those who have had to put up with a filthy roof for long periods. In the best-case scenario, you can enjoy having a clean surface for more than a decade. We even offer patio, driveway and patio cleaning.

Those who desire our help can contact us by phone or email.