Should you worry about moss on your roof?

There are some people who think that moss gives your home a fairytale charm but actually, it is harmful and can cause a lot of damage. As a result you may end up needing to pay for expensive and extensive repair work. Instead, turn to the expert services for roof cleaning Godalming residents love. Continue reading

A pressure washer will ruin your tiles

We are a company that offers roof cleaning Weybridge locals can count on. Our team has been so successful because they use a manual approach instead of pressure washers. The trouble with the latter is that it can potentially cause damage. To avoid this we take the safe route. It is also one that allows us to provide long-lasting results. Continue reading

Roof cleaning that does not disturb materials

The most important thing with any roof is that it is watertight. Even a small leak can be a huge issue, resulting in structural weakness, damp, mould, and illness. To ensure this does not happen, roofers place materials carefully and ensure they overlap so water cannot get in. Sadly with time the tiles or shingles can move. This could also happen because of incorrect cleaning. With the best roof cleaning Guildford has to offer on your side however, this is not an issue. Continue reading

A non-pressure chemical approach works well

Good roof maintenance could take more than a simple wash if you want the results to last. You may need a special treatment, especially if you have an issue with algae. We can assist you with this. Ours is the top business working in roof cleaning Surrey has. This means we have access to all the latest tools and treatments. We utilise each one to great effect in order to satisfy the needs of our clients. Continue reading