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Which roofing materials are the most durable?

Whether you are looking at a new build or a roof replacement, you will want to have a look at different roofing materials. It is a good idea to consider the look, cost, and lifespan. With the latter, focus on how durable each type of material is. It will give you an idea of how long the roofing will last. As the top provider of roof cleaning in Reigate, we have experience with various materials. We want to provide an insight into which will last the longest. Continue reading

Stormy weather and your roof

Storms are becoming more and more common in the UK, especially in winter. We’ve seen that just these last few months, including two in November, three in December, and one already this month with another on the way. The bad weather is putting a lot of pressure on buildings, infrastructure, and greenery. Home owners in particular should be taking the time to check their roofs. Surprisingly, services like roof cleaning in Croydon can help too. Continue reading

Don’t risk your gutters falling down

With Christmas approaching, a lot of people will be waiting for Santa. Don’t worry, he won’t skip your house if there is a problem with the roof or gutter. But, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Winter is a hard time of year on your property, so you should ensure everything is in order. We can help, offering reliable gutter and roof cleaning in Woking and all across the region. Continue reading

Metal roofs are easier to work with than asphalt

When your home needs a new roof, it can be difficult to decide on materials. It appears that there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages in all directions. Moreover, it is always tempting to go with the less expensive option. People do this no matter how much any repairs or future maintenance would cost. As a top provider of roof cleaning in Godalming, we have experience with different options. So, we can provide some useful info. Continue reading

Does sunlight affect clay roofs?

People leave their rooftops alone because they think the filth doesn’t matter much. They believe it only affects the aesthetics of their property. This isn’t the case though. All the debris that accumulates can damage your roof, leading to premature failure. To prevent it from happening, you should use the greatest services for roof cleaning in Weybridge. Our team will take care of the issue and leave everything looking great. Continue reading

Protecting your investment with roof cleaning

Buying a home is one of the most exciting things in life. However, it can also be daunting. How do you know you got the best deal and can be sure there aren’t any issues lurking? Then, you also need to think about protecting your investment. One thing you must look at here is the roof. You may want to arrange services to ensure it is in good condition. We can help, offering the most reliable roof cleaning in Cobham and other parts of the region. Continue reading

Life-saving rooftop habits

We are an establishment that offers reliable and fast services. Our team has experience working on a myriad of rooftops. The strategy we use involves us removing debris manually and using a safe biocide treatment afterwards. This leads to longer lasting results and is much less harmful than a power washing strategy. It has also led to us becoming the leading company for roof cleaning Leatherhead has. Continue reading