A clean roof contributes to kerb appeal

Over the years, your roof will become discoloured by the weather, contaminants and organic materials that settle and grow on it. This can harm the aesthetics of the property and potentially affect the kerb appeal if you decide to sell. Fortunately, it is possible to freshen up the surface and return the tiles to their original colour simply by having it professionally cleaned.

Roof cleaning has grown in popularity across Europe in the last few decades as people look to keep their homes looking their best. The UK has followed the trend and seen rising demand for professional services as the shady, wet conditions in many part of Britain are ideal for encouraging the growth of moss, algae and lichen on roofs.

Cleaning services for roofs differ greatly and include both pressure washing and hand cleaning. The latter is the best option because it is gentle and provides the smallest risk of damaging tiling. Using abrasive cleaning methods can strip the protective layer from the tiles as well as removing dirt and grime. This will make them more vulnerable and reduce their life. It also makes the surface more attractive for growth in the future because the roughness gives the organic material something to cling to.

Having the roof cleaned by hand will provide the best of both worlds; it will refresh the surface and reveal the original colour of the tiles while also ensuring they are not damaged in the process. The task will take a little more time, but it is well worth it, particularly when you consider how long it would take to replace a large number of tiles if they became damaged during jet washing.

As experienced roof cleaning specialists, we only clean roofs by hand and can offer a flexible service to suit all kinds of property owners, catering for both large and small scale projects. We have built a strong reputation across our region because we are committed to making roofs look their best whilst also taking care not to cause damage. During cleaning, we can even replace any previously broken tiles, getting your roof back to its very best and ensuring your property is protected.

It is easy to arrange a service with us; simply call and book an appointment. We will dispatch experienced roof cleaners to visit your property to get an idea of the scale of the job.