Always choose manual cleaning over pressure washing

Pressure washers are very popular because they can effectively clean drives and various other surfaces. One surface they should definitely not be used on though is roofing. By providing people with expert services and advice, we have become the roof cleaners Surrey can depend on. We do our work by hand as opposed to using a pressure washer. This is because we are aware of the potential issues they can cause.

The Effects

The problem with using the cleaner on a roof is in the name, the pressure. There are even professional services out there who will offer you this though. Most of them do it through a careful selection of machinery, nozzles, settings, techniques and more. But with even one miscalculation things can go wrong.

If you have any roof tiles that are loose or fragile, chances are they will break under the pressure. In many cases the aftermath can appear to be fine, but what you cannot see is the outer tile layer that has been stripped away. Most roof tiles you find in the UK have a granular finish to withstand normal weather conditions. Take this away and you shorten the life of your roof, leaving you open to potential high costs and hassle.

How Else Should You Clean A Roof?

Cleaning the roof of a property is beneficial because you can remove the moss and algae before they grow and evolve into a serious issue. This may be water drainage prevention or even the destruction of roof tiles. You cannot leave moss and algae build ups untreated, so ensure you deal with them properly.

Removing grime and stains is easy through our process. We work on your roof with care, either scraping or wire brushing tiles that may be very delicate. When you also consider our biocide treatment, you can have confidence we will remove all traces and leave behind a surface with an amazing colour.

We are home to some of the highest quality roof cleaners Surrey has to offer. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or want to arrange a service. The end of summer and start of autumn is the perfect time to clean roofs before the leaves start falling from trees and causing issues.