Don’t let moss threaten your gutters

Moss and algae can cause major problems for your guttering if you allow the organic material to grow uncontrolled on your roof. Over time it will spread before it eventually finds its way into the gutters. When this happens it can lead to blockages, flooding, and a host of other issues. Additionally, when the moss is saturated it will increase in weight, putting more pressure on the gutter. This could lead to breakages and the expense and hassle of gutter replacements.

The best way to tackle the problem is to go to the source and have the entire roof cleaned to remove all traces of the organic material. This will stop it from growing across the surface and finding its way into the gutters. It will also clean up the tiles and help to improve the aesthetics of the property. Once all of the moss and algae is removed, a biocide can be sprayed over the tiling to prevent re-growth. This won’t provide permanent protection, but it should leave your roof safe for a few months.

The most effective way to clean a roof is by hand with a trowel or a wire brush. This method is gentle and will reduce the risk of damaging the tiles in the process of cleaning them because the material is simply scraped off. Breakages are more likely if abrasive cleaning techniques are used because this will strip the protective layer from the top of the tile. This leaves them brittle, damages the colour and results in higher costs due to the need for more replacements.

As professional Surrey roof cleaners, we are proud to offer a first rate service for property owners throughout the county. Our roof cleaners are experienced and competent at working at various heights. They will see your roof cleaned effectively to a high standard with as little damage to the tiles as possible. The removal is done by hand and will be followed by a specially selected biocide. We will leave the roof clean, fresh and with its original colour.

To arrange a site visit so we can survey your roof and get an idea of the extent of your moss problem, please contact us.