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Get it done before Christmas

There is more to cleaning a roof than simply removing the debris. You have to discourage it from coming back. This is something we aim to do when we are on a job. With our special biocide treatment, we are able to prevent organic growths like moss and algae returning for many years. As a result, our solutions are long lasting. Because of our approach, we have become one of the top businesses working in roof cleaning Farnham has.

Forget something?

It might not even be spring yet, but people will already be looking ahead to Christmas. It tends to arrive quicker every year too. In all the planning and with time flying by so fast, it is not difficult to forget about the roof. You should really be checking it annually though and getting cleaning as often as necessary. Before Christmas is the ideal time for this. We are going to explain why.


Firstly, there are the safety considerations. Those black streaks that manifest on your roof are more than just ugly; they are also dangerous. A roof can get incredibly slick when there is algae and moss growing on it. If you were planning to put up any decorations, trying to on a roof in this condition will be risky. It is better to get a professional clean before this point so it is safer.


As we said above, the streaks are not nice to see. At some point, they will be visible from the ground. The algae will probably have been there for several months at this stage and can be harder to get rid of. Please speak to us if you require the best services for roof cleaning Farnham has. This will make your roof look fresh and clean again.


Every home owner knows the value of insurance. It provides vital protection in case something should go wrong in the property. However, you need to be careful and ensure you check the terms. You may invalidate your policy if you don’t stay on top of the upkeep. This is true if you let mildew, moss, and other dangerous materials grow freely on your roof. The insurer may refuse your claim for leaks and damage if you have been negligent.

Problem prevention

Finally, cleaning before the holidays will help with problem prevention. Correct roof maintenance stops all sorts of issues capable of destroying the roof. For example, it can ensure that water won’t sit on the surface. This is vital in winter as the low temperatures can turn it to ice. If that happens, it can lift tiles and cause leaks.

Roof cleaning in Farnham and much more

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we work on roofs, gutters, and driveways. It is our job to clean up all of these areas to transform your house into its best possible self. With our long lasting results, our services are cost efficient too.

So, if you want to work with the foremost business excelling in roof cleaning Farnham has, contact us today. We can give you advice, a quote, and arrange a time and date to clean.