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Cleaning your roof can prove to be a difficult and dreadful task. This is especially true if you don’t have the right equipment. So, it’s often a part of the house that people ignore. So, it is left to accumulate dirt and grime until it is almost blackened and left heavily discoloured. This can damage your tiles and, at the very least, render them a horrendous sight to behold. As one of the premier roof cleaning companies in Surrey, we dedicate ourselves to cleaning your roofs. We are Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean, and we can clean your roof with ease.

Protecting your roof

roof cleaning companies SurreyWe can help to clean your roof in two ways: Moss removal and biocide treatment. Moss removal is something we do by hand, providing a gentle and much less damaging alternative to abrasive pressure washing. This is because an overgrowth of moss can lead to brittle or damaged tiles, rendering them incredibly fragile. By removing the moss by hand, and using a wire brush to gently scrub the tiles, we can avoid outright damaging the tile. For older or clay tile roofs, or in case of roofs that have been heavily afflicted by moss for a long time, we use specialist equipment. This allows us to gently clean the tiles and have them looking their best.

If you have dull, dark or stained roofs from moss, algae or lichen, then we also use a biocide treatment. We utilise Mossgo, an environmentally friendly biocide. This is quick and 100% effective, guaranteed to return your tiles back to their original colour. Used alongside our service for moss removal, it creates a long term solution to the problem. This keeps your roofing looking great. We can also provide gutter cleaning, too, as well as patio and driveway cleaning.

Rely on Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean

We are one of the most trusted roof cleaning companies in Surrey. Turning to us can reap instant results for your roof. Simply call us on 07592 589484, or fill in our contact form on our website. Then, we will gladly help you with cleaning your roof.