Protect your roof tiles with manual moss removal

It is widely known that using high pressure washing to clear roofs of moss, algae and lichen can be very damaging. The problem with this kind of washing is the fact that its abrasive technique strips the surface granules from the tiles and reduces the life expectancy of the roof.

It is important to remove algae and moss from roofs, but it is even more important to implement the right technique. Jet washing leaves tiles and slates looking older than they are, with unsightly discolouring and in a brittle state which  encourages the moss to quickly return.

Gentle and non abrasive removal techniques offer the ideal solution. We provide a careful manual removal process and you can be sure of outstanding results and zero damage to your roof tiles. Our specialist service is designed to fully remove moss and reveal a beautifully clean roof free from scuff and scratch marks. If your roof does have particularly fragile tiles they may be susceptible to breakage during the removal process. If this occurs, we will replace any broken tiles.

Along with our scraping and wire brush removal we also use a specially created biocide agent that effectively removes moss, lichen and algae and successfully restores the colour to your roof, further improving its appearance. The colour you thought was gone will return and your property will boast a brighter and fresher roof. The major benefit of Mossgo is that it will continue to protect your roof long after the application ensuring the moss and algae will not return. As time goes on you will notice a continued improvement in the appearance of your entire roof as the agent takes full effect.

As specialist Surrey roof cleaners, we assist our customers with a full range of services designed to restore and rejuvenate structural features. Your roof may be old, but it does not have to look its age. Our manual moss removal process gives your roof a full makeover and can transform the appearance of your property. We strive to complete all work within agreed time frames, we use sophisticated materials and cleaning techniques and our trained team have the experience to produce outstanding results every time.