We are the premium choice from all the cleaning companies in Surrey

We are the premium choice from all the cleaning companies in Surrey

When looking for quality roof cleaning companies Surrey residents can feel confident that here at Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we are specialists in our sector and the roof and gutter cleaning services we provide are second to none.

Gutters are efficient pipes that collect rain water and literally send it down the drain to provide protection for your home. The presence of natural debris such as dirt and leaves in gutters is inevitable but failure to clear them and maintain the condition can prove extremely detrimental. Excessive blocking of gutters will result in an overflow of water that has nowhere to go but down your walls and windows. This results in damage to your bricks and can lead to unpleasant damp conditions that cause havoc to internal structure and decor. The expense of these problems can be excessive but fortunately all these potential nightmares can be avoided.

We can completely clear your gutter with the speedy and efficient use of a professional wet vac and the installation of our balloon caps can prevent further cluttering. If your gutter has undergone an unsightly makeover thanks to the presence of green and black algae we can restore it to its former glory by treating it to our special handwash system that will leave it buffed and shining brightly.

Roofs can also become lacklustre in appearance when they incur a build up of algae and moss and more often than not a beautiful roof is being concealed. We provide a gentle and effective removal of moss that is carried out manually. We do not utilise jetwashing as it can lead to further problems so we remove your moss by hand to ensure no damage to tiles and liberation of a magnificent roof.

Too much pressure on roof tiles can result in diminished protection which inevitably increases vulnerability and makes regrowth likely. We invest in exceptional equipment that eliminates the need to use aggressive treatments but ensures the very best service for our customers.

We also offer other services including the non abrasive and thorough cleaning of patios and driveways and the complete rejuvenation of tired looking wood. All the services we provide guarantee long lasting effects.

Whether it is the restoration of your roof or the gutting out of your gutters we are one of the most reliable and professional roof cleaning companies in Surrey and our superb reputation is a result of our speedy service and phenomenal cleaning results.