We can clean up your dirty decking

Decking has become one of the most popular features in gardens and outdoor spaces throughout the UK. It provides a smooth, safe and pleasant surface for entertaining, fun and relaxation. As a hard landscaping material, decking enables people to extend their living spaces and add to the aesthetic appeal of their property.

Like any other external feature, decking is constantly exposed to the elements. Whatever kind of decking you opt for there is always a risk of blackening. With winter here, outdoor decking has even more to endure before the spring arrives. When fungus meets wet wood the tannin in the timber reacts and forms an unsightly black stain. This is a warning sign that the timber is about to enter a stage of decay. It is essential to tackle this issue as soon as you spot any blackening of your decking to prevent it rotting beyond repair.

When decking becomes faded and worn, the wood adopts a silvery sheen which may seem visually appealing, but actually signals water and UV damage to the surface of the timber. By treating this at the earliest possible point you can bring back the natural glory to the wood.

Naturally, your decking will incur a lot of traffic on a daily basis. People walking over it, pets, dropped food and spilled beverages all take their toll and your decking can suffer the effects of dirt and grime. This can affect its appearance and make it appear older than it actually is, negatively impacting on your property.

Alongside our roof cleaning in Surrey, we can also provide a specialist service that transforms the appearance of tired decking and wood. Our roof, patio, drive and decking cleaning services are second to none and restore and rejuvenate the external features of our customers. We have acquired an excellent reputation and a large customer base as a result of our exceptional cleaning services and the outstanding and long lasting results we produce.

We use non abrasive methods that present no risk of damage to decking. We can produce a clean and fantastic looking surface without using jet washing and our gentle techniques consistently produce high quality results. If you need trusted and affordable leaning services for your decking and driveways, contact us for information on our range of services and you can always look forward to great prices and outstanding results.