A mess free roof cleaning solution

When you make the decision to have your roof cleaned you want the surface to look fresh and new without risking damaging it. There are two kinds of service you can opt for; hand removal or pressure washing. The first is gentle and effective. The latter can cause big problems, including damaging tiles and forcing water between them where it can enter the roof. The choice of which to opt for is simple.

Hand cleaning also offers another major benefit over pressure washing; it is vastly cleaner. Scraping the dirt, moss, algae, and other unwanted elements off the roof materials will result in dramatically less mess. If the job is done on a dry, warm day the dirt can literally be brushed, scoured and chipped off. The task is harder and messier when it is wet. If a pressure washer is used you can find the dirty water flowing into guttering and potentially splattering walls, fascias and even the ground around the base of the property. It can also spread dirt more widely across the roof, making the job more challenging.

A clean by hand is also much better in terms of resources because no water or power is consumed. This makes the process better in terms of cost and the impact on the environment too. All cleaning is done purely by physical effort so it is also highly sustainable.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we work very hard to retain our position and reinforce our reputation. We have grown to become one of the leading roof cleaning companies in our area and deliver a service we are very proud of. Clients can always expect the very best from us.

If you would like a service that cleans without creating a great deal of mess we are the company for you. We work on all kinds of property, catering for roofs that have never been cleaned as well as newer ones that are just showing signs of dirt accumulation. Please call us today to arrange an appointment and a quote.