Can you clean your own gutters and roofing?

Most people would assume that cleaning gutters or roofs is as straightforward as blasting them through with some high powered jet equipment. In some cases we’ve seen people carry this interpretation of what we do through to the extent of simply taking a hosepipe to an accessible point of their drainage and giving it all a quick blast. Whilst this approach may deliver a partial clean, it will not do the perfect job. On top of this you could cause damage to your roofing materials and gutters in the process. Our comprehensive and professional service will make sure that your guttering and roof is given a total clean.

It’s all very well us saying that our services are going to be better than the results would be if you tried to clean yourself. We don’t think it would be fair for us to say this without giving you an understanding of why.

Broadly speaking, the biggest problem you will be left with if you try to clean yourself is that you’re highly unlikely to get a complete job done. Utilising a hosepipe or jet washing equipment might feel like it’s doing the work, but the reality is that it’s not. As your standard hosepipe and connections have not been designed for this kind of work it’s the case that they are not doing the job. The jet washing equipment could even be doing more harm than good.

Many people believe that having a go at cleaning gutters and roofing yourself saves you money and avoids the inconvenience of calling someone in. We understand both of these concerns. In addressing them, though, we’d like to assure you that we take an unobtrusive approach with the work we do, and are proud of having a record for affordable, highly competitive pricing being in place. On top of this we also have the skills to ensure that everybody working on the roof is safe.

If you would like to have your roofing and guttering cleaned you can call on our talented team. Our roof cleaners are very highly skilled and will provide a comprehensive clean you can put your faith in. We work all across Surrey and support countless property owners.