A simple stain can cause complicated problems for roofing

Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean seek to give our customers nothing less than first-class services. Utilising a manual approach, in addition to a dedicated biocide treatment, our main goals are to leave your house sparkling and prevent future debris from regrowing. We focus on the requirements of property owners to ensure that we offer the roof cleaning Surrey residents need.

If you notice black stains on your shingles they are likely to be composed of a highly resilient algae strain known as gloeocapsa magma. The spores present in this variety of debris are airborne, meaning that they have the potential to move between roofs. Once on the roof they will feast on the crushed limestone, a critical component of the shingles themselves.

In general, these marks initially appear on the roof’s north side. Once established they will spread across the surface. If left untreated, the algae will encourage the growth of such organisms as mildew and moss, creating even worse staining.

Cleaning off the mess from your roof is the way forward in this case and it should be done as soon as possible. Not only will you prolong the roof’s lifespan, but it’ll work wonders at keeping your home looking tidy. The types of growth mentioned earlier have the ability to retain moisture and water, something that will lead to the premature rotting and aging of your shingles.

Having everything professionally cleaned however, will save you the hassle of shingle replacement later on. You might be tempted to clean up yourself, but by far the safest method would be to call our team for professional roof cleaning services. Homeowners with little to no experience with roofs and ladders run the risk of falling and the last thing we want is for that to happen.

As well as tackling stains on the roof we deal with guttering as well. If either becomes a problem at any point, we will be on hand to assist you with the cleanup and preservation of the materials. Contact our team immediately whenever an issue arises; it may save you an expensive replacement bill later on.