Don’t let your roofing get weighed down with help from roof cleaners

As opposed to the forceful pressure washing methods favoured by our peers within the industry, our team of roof cleaners in Surrey prefer a much less destructive approach. Through the manual removal of your roof’s debris and the special biocide we use to discourage future growth, we seek to give you a long lasting solution to your roofing woes. With £1 million in public liability insurance cover and the correct equipment behind us, we can take on any job without fail.

While certain debris can cause the destruction of your roof over time, there is one substance in the winter that can speed up the process by placing a huge weight on it. We are of course talking about snow. When it accumulates on a surface it can put a lot of pressure on the structure. It is wise to have a plan in place to deal with the potential problem.

A winter roof inspection is the first thing to do. This will give you useful information about the condition of the surface and the areas that could be at risk. You should have a professional team do the inspection, ensuring they will look in detail and provide recommendations for what needs to be done.

Roofs covered in moss, algae, and lichen are at the most risk of becoming weighed down if it snows. The organic materials absorb water and hold it on the roof rather than letting it flow away. The cold also slows down snow melt so it can sit for longer and add more weight. With this in mind it is better to have the surface cleaned before snow arrives.

Alongside the roof it is a good idea to have the gutters cleaned before it snows too. If they are filled with debris it will be harder for water to flow away and snow will gather much faster. It doesn’t take too much additional weight for gutters to break or collapse.

Our team of roof cleaners operate all across Surrey and deliver the best level of service to each client. We can clean the roofing surface itself as well as gutters, protecting the property from the damage that snow can cause.

If your roof could do with some maintenance work, make sure you give Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean a call.