Prepping the roof during spring time

Specialising in professional, gentle roof cleaning, our team works towards clearing surfaces via the most non-destructive means possible. To this end we never use pressure washers, instead preferring to manually remove all the debris by hand. No matter how big a roof is, the challenge is never too much for Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean.

One thing that marks us out is our knowledge of the impact that different seasons can have on a property. This makes us one of the most helpful roof cleaning companies in Surrey because we can help people to prepare their property. As a result there are fewer risks of issues.

The winter may be in full swing right now, but for your roof’s sake you should plan ahead and consider what to do when the spring comes around. The winter weather can be very bad for shingles and tiles, so it’s vital that both roof inspections and cleaning are carried out afterwards. This will extend the surface’s lifespan.

A small leaf or other form of green build up may seem inconsequential, but once they start to collect and become deep enough to hold moisture, they can cause really big problems. Anything that has the ability to trap moisture will eventually allow mildew to form, result in extra weight on the structure, or will block the gutters. People typically utilise rakes or air blowers to clear the roof, but we recommend our own manual methods in order to avoid damaging the roofing materials.

Cutting back the trees and ridding the roof of leaves will also reduce moss growth. This will permit sunlight to dry up the moisture that moss lives on and reduce the risk of organic matter from finding its way on to the surface in the first place.

While it’s true that there are chemicals available on the market that dispose of moss, the runoff from many of them can damage the plant life in the garden. At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we use approved methods and chemicals when conducting all of our operations. Rest assured that whilst we are on the job, in no way will we ever compromise the integrity of your house.