High specification roof cleaning by hand

When it comes to roof cleaning many people get drawn in to using pressure washers because of the speed they offer. This kind of clean can be really quick but there are questions marks about the quality and the wear it causes to roofing materials. Additionally it is generally a resource heavy technique, requiring both water and electricity in order to do the job.

Hand cleaning may be slower but it is capable of providing a much higher specification finish. By physically scraping and brushing the roof cleaners can ensure that all traces of unwanted elements are removed, including algae, moss, and lichen too. This will include taking care of areas where dirt and growths are not instantly apparent.

As well as the higher quality hand cleaning uses very few resources, making it more sustainable. The vast majority of the work is done by elbow grease and the right hand tools. A small amount of water may be used where necessary but generally it is better and cleaner to remove moss, algae or lichen when it is dry and can be chipped away.

The main focus of roof cleaning should be extending the lifecycle of the materials, ensuring they are clean so they are not getting worn by dirt, debris, and unwanted organic growths. Pressure washing goes against this because it can actually cause even more damage. Hand cleaning on the other hand has a smaller impact on the materials and rejuvenates roofs without increasing the risk of premature wear.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we have always focused on delivering the very best level of service we can for property owners in the area. That is why we ensure our roof cleaning team uses the right techniques and has the correct training.

If you would like to arrange a service, regardless of where you are located in Surrey, you can call on our roof cleaning specialists. We are confident you’ll appreciate the appearance of your roofing when we’re done and the fact that it will last for longer as a result.