When to unblock your gutters and why

A professional and non-destructive approach is the way forward at our company. Instead of using pressure washers, which is the preferred method of many other roof cleaners, we manually remove all the debris from your roof to ensure we get all of it and don’t harm the materials. Once we have removed everything that we can, we finish off the job by applying a special biocide, which not only kills off the remaining moss and algae, but also discourages it from growing again in the future.

While your roof should undergo regular maintenance in order to keep it clean and stable, another area that requires attention is your gutters. All sorts of things can build up inside these drainage systems, including the likes of leaves, twigs and more. This is even more likely when you don’t have the roofing cleaned periodically.

When it comes to timing, there is one vital point in the year when your gutters should be cleaned. In the autumn it can be something of a balancing act of waiting until all of the leaves have fallen off, but not so long that temperatures drop too far. Ideally you want all of the debris removing before the moisture can start freezing.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we use a wet vac and pole system to efficiently get rid of debris in the safest possible manner. Our team of roof cleaners are experienced with the equipment and work in a way that is similar to our work on the roofing, ensuring all debris is removed without causing damage to the gutters.

If you would like to save time and get your property ready for the New Year we can arrange to clean the roof and the guttering at the same time. This can be organised at a time that suits you, minimising the risk of disruptions and letting you focus on planning the celebrations.

To find out more about our services please get in touch. We are established as the leading roof cleaners in Surrey and always deliver a first rate service.