Rodents can become enticed by unkempt gutter systems

Roofs are more vulnerable than you might think, despite their ability to protect you from the weather. Over time, debris can accumulate on your rooftop and if left untreated, the structural integrity of the roof can become compromised. By employing manual cleaning methods and a special chemical treatment that dissuades future moss and algae growth, we can give your roof a thorough clean without damaging it.

Leaves, rainwater, moss and algae, ice, airborne debris and other unwanted things have all caused trouble for homeowners at some point or another. All of these can gather on rooftops and in gutters, potentially hindering their performance and resulting in accelerated wear. Dirty roofs and guttering filled with sticks and leaves can become attractive to insects. This in turn can draw rodents and other pests.

One such measure to prevent pests being attracted to the property is to have us come and clear out the gutters and the roof. Clean surfaces permit the rainwater to flow freely, protecting your property. By arranging to have your gutters serviced regularly, you can be certain that build-ups won’t occur. Without a place to build their nests and no easily accessible materials to use in constructing them, those rodents will have to look elsewhere.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we can provide a dynamic cleaning service for all kinds of residential properties. We take on the roofing and guttering, meaning we can provide a comprehensive service and leave the property clean and clear.

If left for too long, not only will your gutters attract the wildlife, but the unwanted materials can cause a lot of damage to the property. This in turn will cost you more to repair. When you notice problems make sure to call us as soon as possible for a quick inspection and solution. We are amongst the most highly regarded roof cleaning companies in Surrey and deliver the best services.