Pigeons can be problematic for your roofing

Roofs are more than just a cover; they are a vital part of your house’s structural integrity. With this in mind steps should be taken to clean the surface once debris, stains and organic material become evident. What makes the roof cleaning service we offer at Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean so different is that instead of using pressure washers, we clear manually. Afterwards, to prevent regrowth in the future, we apply our biocide treatment to the surface.

Aside from the usual moss, algae and tree branches one can find on their roof, pigeons and other birds can also cause quite a lot of trouble. This was the case for Bonnyrigg High Street, as an increase in pigeon leavings there has not only raised safety concerns, but also taken quite a bit of money out of a local church.

Bonnyrigg Parish Church has already had to pay a £400 bill during the summer to help manage the problem. When the work is concluded, a total of £2,000 will have been spent on efforts to stop those birds from mucking up the 170-year-old building. For the past nine months, this has been an issue, with the pigeons preferring to rest on the steeple and mess up both the roof and the pavements below. It isn’t just the church though; the whole town centre is afflicted.

What makes this such a concern for the roofs is that the leavings have an acid within them that corrodes the structures. If the corrosion gets bad enough it will weaken the roof and result in leaks. If your own roof has become filthy because of birds, debris, or organic growths, we recommend it be cleaned straight away.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean our roof cleaning specialists are capable of removing any kind of debris from the surface. You may be tempted to do so, but don’t put off the work; this can cost you more money in the long run. When your roofs are in need of a clean, call us in to take care of things.