Moss can cause more problems than simply harming aesthetics

Given enough time moss will grow across roofs, marring the surface and increasing the wear. It will continue to grow even when it has spread across the whole roof, eventually dropping off into gutters and even falling to the ground in some cases. Both of these cause additional problems including damaging the guttering and moss starting to grow on the paths and driveways it falls on.

The best way to tackle all of these issues is to keep roofs clean and not give mosses the time they need to grow and spread. When signs of moss show up your first move should be to call experienced roof cleaners to remove them. They will tackle the job effectively, keeping safety in mind at all times.

When you decide to have the roof professionally cleaned you will be presented with the choice of what type of service to go for. Generally there are two options; pressure washing and hand cleaning. At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we only use the second technique because the former can damage the tiles and may fail to provide an effective service. Additionally the pressure and excessive use of water can see it infiltrating the roof, damaging gutters, or resulting in blocked drains.

The hand clean technique is safer and more precise because our team can physically see that they have removed all of the moss. Additionally it is far cleaner with no materials getting splattered across the surface. The mosses that are scraped off the roof can be collected with ease, resulting in a much higher quality finish and no mess.

If you want to put your property in the hands of highly trained roof cleaners who have served Surrey for many years we are the company for you. Our reputation is built on delivering a great level of service and doing our best for all the properties we work on.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a clean roof or the damage mosses can cause please contact us. We are happy to provide information and work with clients to determine which services they need.