Tools of the roof cleaning trade

A messy roof can lead to more than just aesthetic problems. Yes dirty roofs can dissuade people from buying a home, but that’s just the beginning. If left alone, the debris build-up on the surface can compromise its integrity and cost you a fortune to repair or replace it. A more economical choice however would be to employ our specialist team to come in and manually remove the mess.

Pressure washing should be avoided when roofs are being cleaned. It not only damages your roofing, but there’s a risk of flooding involved as well. Your options? Choose roof cleaning companies like Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean that excel in manual removals by using hand tools. Not only does this method not involve an excessive amount of liquid, but the chances of damage to the tiles are greatly diminished too.

A gentle yet productive way of cleaning roofs is by scraping. A regular 9″ trowel is appropriate for this task. If the clean is done on a nice sunny day moss and other organic materials growing on the surface will flake off a lot easier and the tiles won’t be left with any scratch marks. If scruff marks are a concern for you, then a stiff brush and rubber scraper are superb alternatives to trowels. Of course using these tools only counts for half the battle, the rest is fought with other products.

Applying a special biocide after scraping off the debris provides additional protection. It shall soak into the tiles and their overlaps, disposing of those tiny moss spores. Alongside this it will kill off lichen, leading to those awful black marks disappearing in the future. The effects of the biocide will last for several months, keeping the surface clean and free or re-growths.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, our methods are non-destructive and focus on preserving the tiles. No one wants a filthy looking house, so when you notice that roofing could do with a clean let us take care of it. When you need our help, simply get in touch with us.