Tools of the gutter and roof cleaning trade

As our name implies our speciality is roof cleaning, tackling all of the dirt and organic materials that find their way on to the roofing and into gutters. Based in Surrey, our team bring with them the potential for a quick and effective finish. Not only this, but unlike many other cleaners in operation, we prefer non-destructive methods as opposed to high pressure jet washing.

The fact that we focus on a style of cleaning that will not cause damage to the roofing materials or gutters means we rely on a range of specially selected equipment. We employ a selection of hand tools, including scrapers and trowels to remove dirt and all kinds of organic materials like algae. Alongside these we also remove dirt and debris by hand on numerous occasions. For gutters we can even employ a wet vac and pole system when necessary.

The wet vac and pole equipment is particularly useful when one is attempting to clean gutters that are placed above extensions and conservatories. It is also great for reaching heights without having to physically climb right up to them. The pole can extend effectively and improves safety. Ladders or scaffolding may still be needed but the height people are required to work at is reduced.

Rinsing the gutters after the cleaning has been completed is a wise idea to complete the project. This will help to flush out additional dirt and ensure the flow has returned to proper capacity. Again it is good to utilise the right equipment, ensuring the pressure is not too high as it could damage the guttering.

Our team are always willing and able to clean roofing and gutters in the most efficient manner possible. Additionally, we can provide services to help reduce the risk of future blockages occurring. We are a highly experienced provider, enjoying a great reputation as one of the leading roof cleaning specialists operating in the Surrey area.

If you have any questions about keeping roofs and gutters clean we would be pleased to answer them. We have a great deal of knowledge and are very happy to share it with clients so they can look after their properties.