Cleaning solutions for all types of guttering

As the leading team of roof cleaners in the Surrey area we are able to answer all kinds of questions about cleaning roofing and guttering. One question that would seem to be getting asked more frequently of late is whether or not there’s any alternative to plastic and PVC-U gutters. The answer to this is yes; there is a wide array of metal varieties.

Up until the late 1960s most guttering systems were made from cast iron. The change to plastic came about purely because it was far cheaper to fabricate and install it. By this we mean to make clear that there was never a problem with metal gutters as such, and that the move away from them being the standard was purely an economic one.

Over the course of the last 50 or so years it would be safe to say that PVC-U guttering has come to be accepted as the standard in the UK. The same can be said of most of Europe too. This contrasts with the situation in North America, where metal remains the predominant choice. The reason for it remaining most widely used in that region is that it holds up better in all weather conditions they experience.

Whether you have metal or PVC-U guttering in place, it’s important to always bear in mind that regularly scheduled cleaning will be required. There is – some might say sadly – no material currently used for making gutters from which in itself stops blockages from occurring. As a result you need a professional service to tackle the problem.

Fortunately our roof cleaners have the skills to take care of the guttering as well as the roofing materials. We can offer a comprehensive range of services across Surrey, delivering the best results – no matter what your gutters are made from. If you would like our help please feel free to contact us.