A small but noxious problem

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Lichens are one of the many reasons why we’re called out for a job. For those who don’t know, these are ordinary organic growths that pop up on your rooftop. Usually, they are a white colour, but it’s possible for them to appear in brown, green, or yellow form. They have a habit of forming circular patches and are roughly the size of a 10p coin.

Part algae and part fungi

Fungi and algae make up the lichens. The algae supply food while the fungi provide moisture and shelter for the sake of food manufacturing. In order to survive, all they need is a minimal volume of organic acid, water, and sunlight. This makes a roof the perfect location for them to develop. It is for this reason why you discover them in shady and humid locales. Lichen expansion is more common in roof sectors that face north because they possess the lowest evaporation rates.

Whenever you leave them to their own devices, lichens turn black and mar the surface. Even if they don’t result in the direct erosion of your roofing materials, the acids they release will discolour the surface eventually. This is especially true for metal roofs. They may not be as thick as moss, but lichens cling to the roof more tenaciously.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, our treatments can reveal the glamorous colours that lie beneath all the debris on your roofing. With our work, there are no obstacles, and we always meet the set deadlines regardless of how strict they are. This is why we are the most reliable name for roof cleaning Surrey has.

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