The best option for your roof

Due to the level of care we show customers along with their property, we have a reputation as the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer. In addition to roofs we also provide gutter, driveway and patio cleaning so you don’t have to worry. Our expertise in each area ensures you get the best results.

Time & Money

What is the use in researching how to clean your roof when professionals like us exist? This way you can focus on what you want to. When you’re not a professional you can spend ages on your roof but what you do could be ineffective or damaging. Our services are cost effective and can be scheduled around you. We offer a free no obligation quote which only takes 15 minutes, so take advantage of it.

The chance of you damaging your roof is high when you do not have the right tools and knowledge. The damages you cause can cost a lot of money to fix, especially if you need replacement tiles. In addition you may not effectively take care of the moss and algae, resulting in more problems in the future.

Don’t Risk Injury

When you attempt to clean a roof you put yourself in a dangerous situation. You will be working at height on a surface not designed to be walked on. You may think that you are capable but the incorrect use of a ladder or one misstep on a roof can cause major injury.

We can get you the best results thanks to our specialist knowledge and training. Our team use a manual method of cleaning to rid your roof of any moss and algae. Afterwards a biocide will remove any leftover traces. Your roof will be in safe hands with us, so get in touch.

Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean is home to experts in the area. Put your property in good hands with the roof cleaners Surrey can depend on.