Be wary of rogue door to door cleaners

With the various roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer, it can be confusing knowing who to pick. Unfortunately, not everyone offers high quality results like us. There are those out there who try and con people into services that either aren’t needed, or do more harm than good. The biggest way this happens is through people going door-to-door.

Helpful Advice

If anyone comes to your door offering a service, remember these tips.

Get a second or even third opinion. As a result you can compare quotes on how much work needs doing and what it will cost you.

Some people will adopt pressure tactics to get money out of you. Take your time and think it over if you are unsure about the person or if you need the service they offer. These people are great at persuasion, maybe even offering a “discount” because they want you to act fast. Don’t fall for this.

If you have any doubts, stick to a reputable company. Ideally you want to be able to verify a name, address and reputation.

You should never pay for a service beforehand. This is a common scam technique, as they will leave and never return. Don’t be afraid to say no to someone, even if they persist. You can always ask for their details before they leave. Then if you change your mind and find they are offering a genuine service, you can contact them again.

Another thing you may want to do is check into what they are offering. Many people try to offer pressure washing services for your roof. The truth about this method is that it can destroy your tiles and force water into your roof space.

Some door-to-door people provide genuine services. If this is so, they shouldn’t try to pressure you into it and should be happy to let you think it over.

Our Services

Our team is full of knowledgeable experts. We only use manual methods to clean your roof of any moss and algae in a safe and effective manner. When you are looking for amazing results, we can help. We also clear gutters and install systems to prevent this happening again if this is something you require.

Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean is the group of professionals you can rely on. Call us today at 07592 589484 for a free, no obligation quote or if you would like any more information. We are widely considered one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer. Find out why for yourself.