Common roof maintenance misconceptions

Most people understand that it is vital to look after your home; after-all it’s where you live. Many of them forget that their roof is something that also requires attention though. We have come across many reasons people who haven’t looked into our service. We have included some of these below to help you understand why hiring the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has is so vital.

“It’s An Unnecessary/Costly Service”

Many people wonder why they would need such a service. But, the roof of your building needs maintenance like the rest of it. When people are under the belief that it costs too much, try comparing it to the price of having to get the surface repaired. It seems worth it when you look at how large this bill could be.

Our service is cost effective. Scheduled cleaning can keep roofing looking great, as well as reducing the likelihood of damage to your property.

“It Looks Fine So It Doesn’t Need Cleaning”

This a common belief, as if you can’t see it there isn’t a problem right? Moss and algae can grow between roof tiles, and in the early stages it isn’t visible. So, even though you can’t see it, it may still be there damaging your roof. Leaving these to run rampant can take years of the life of your roof.

Cleaning is the best option to keep your roof in great shape, even if it’s new or looks fine. After manual removal, our biocide treatment removes any traces of algae and moss. This way, you can have peace of mind that there isn’t damage being done over your head.

“Who Cares What My Roof Looks Like?”

You may be one of the people who like the look of moss, or you may think that it’s just an aesthetic problem. The truth is they can damage your home and roof. They can destroy your tiles and retain moisture, leading to water damage. This also encourages mould growth within your home.

“Pressure Washing Is The Most Effective Way To Clean”

There are plenty of impressive videos on the internet showing how fast and effective pressure washers are. But when it comes to your roof, it can also be very damaging. The pressure can destroy the tiles or even pull them up.

“You Can Clean Your Roof Yourself”

This is partly true, however most people think that anyone can do it if they want to. Without the right equipment for cleaning and the relevant knowledge, you can damage your roof, your home and yourself.

When you’re moving around at a height, you have to be very careful whilst also effectively cleaning your roof. You want to do the best job, but you also want to avoid falling at all costs. Using the correct techniques also ensures you don’t cause any damage.

Book your free, no obligation quote with Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean today. You’ll be glad you choose the highest quality roof cleaning Surrey has to offer. Not only does this keep your roofing in great condition, but leaves it looking beautiful too.