Have you thought about the roof when selling your home?

As the roof cleaners Surrey depends on, we provide a high quality service to get your roof looking amazing again. You may even discover that under years of build up of moss and algae, it’s a more attractive colour in the end. Our service is also perfect for those selling their home.

First Impressions

When you’re selling your house, you’ll be looking into every way you can generate interest. But while ensuring everything is clean and tidy is still what you should do, remember the outside too. When people are looking at places to view, they will always be looking from the street first. This decides whether they go inside to look.

This is the reason why you want the first thing people see to be perfect. So, you should remember to look up. Appearances are everything and an unkempt roof can soon turn away potential buyers. Not only does moss look unattractive but it can also cause damage to the roofing materials as well. You don’t want them falling off do you?

Suggests Damage

Not only can a house looking poor put people off viewing it, but it also suggests that there is damage present. People don’t want to have to move into a house and start fixing up areas like the roof because it’s expensive.

It can also suggest that there are other areas that need attention too. If one area has been neglected, what else has? But, with regular cleaning you can keep your roof looking stunning and protect it.

Make It Look Brand New

We only use manual methods to clean your roofing. When you choose an option like pressure washing, it may be fast but it can cause serious damage to your roof. We’re the best choice to give the surface a new lease of life while taking care to keep it in great shape.

The roof is an aspect most people forget about as they don’t realise it needs looking after. Regular cleaning stops the spread of moss and algae, increasing the life of your roof. If you do leave it alone, it spreads and can cause serious damage.

We’re the roof cleaners Surrey loves. Cleaning is cost effective and can increase the value of your building. Contact Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean to arrange a service.