Roof cleaning Croydon

Attend to your driveways in autumn

We are a team known for offering the greatest services for roof cleaning Croydon home owners can ask for. Instead of using pressure washers to do the job, we take a gentle approach. This involves manually removing all of the debris. To ensure the results last, we finish with a special biocide. It removes all traces of organic growths and provides years of protection. We can also clean driveways and patios too.

After Christmas and the coldest months of the year, numerous individuals like to take on the spring cleaning. This gives them the opportunity to free their homes of clutter and start off with a clean slate. Many people love making their homes presentable in time for the blooming of their flowers so they can enjoy their gardens and homes through the summer. However, maintenance in autumn is also vital. Getting the driveway ready is no exception here either.

When it rains

If it is raining non-stop outside, it may appear counterproductive to organise a visit from professional cleaners. However, this is actually the perfect time. Autumn rain brings cooler temperatures and the near-constant surface water. This can make your driveway a health and safety hazard. Such conditions are ideal for moss and weed growth. If there are wet organic growths on a driveway, it will become a slip hazard.

Usually, along with the incredibly obvious green moss there is nearly-invisible algae. There is no safe paving slab here. Things turn even more hazardous when you introduce winter ice to the mix. If you arrange professional driveway cleaning during autumn, you will begin the winter months free of moss. In addition to offering the best roof cleaning Croydon has, our team can help you with your driveways.

The surfaces most at risk

As for the surfaces that are most at risk, wooden ones like decking can experience massive algae growth. In wet weather, the surface shall become extremely slippery. We can say the same for your paved driveway. Smoother surfaces have the highest risk because it is easier for people to slip on them. This is true even with small levels of moss. If you have been neglecting your driveway maintenance, there could already be some long-standing moss. Any new growths would merely intensify this.

Keeping the driveway safe and clean is your responsibility. Through the winter, the risks can increase. By getting professional assistance, you can lower the chances of an accident.

Roof cleaning in Croydon and more

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we specialise in cleaning roofs, gutters, and driveways. We rejuvenate all of these areas and work hard to make the results last. Whether you want a service before the end of winter, want us to help with spring cleaning, or are thinking ahead for autumn, rely on us.

So, if you would like help from the number one business excelling in roof cleaning Croydon has, contact us today. Our prices are affordable and we have lots of happy repeat customers.