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Heat and its effects on gutters

We are a business that has always chosen manual cleaning methods over others for roofs. The main reason for this is that they are some the least harmful techniques to use. Not to mention, when you add our special biocide in, the results are long lasting. Because of how we work, people consider us one of the leading companies working in roof cleaning Woking has.

In addition to working on roofs, we also partake in gutter cleaning when the situation calls for it. There are many reasons to keep these systems clean too. One of the biggest is heat. We are going to explain why this is the case in this post.

Gutters only get worse without maintenance

Clogged gutters are an annoyance no one wants to deal with. But you need to address the problem as it will only worsen with time. If you notice a roof leak or your gutters overflowing with water, chances are there is a blockage. Normally, this happens due to the accumulation of tree branches, moss, fallen leaves, and other debris. You need to clear this out as soon as possible to prevent damage.

As for the warm weather, we all enjoy it during the summer. However, the extreme heat can affect your piping and gutters. It can hurt the structure and sturdiness. So, please speak to us if you need the finest gutter and roof cleaning Woking can provide.

The big problem with heat

When gutters get exposed to UV rays and direct sunlight, they can become warped or distorted. This alters the shape and performance. That can cause a number of issues. Firstly, the warping can cause the screws to become loose as well, meaning the gutters may move away from the primary structure. Plus, the change in shape can create a higher risk of clogging occurring.

If one section of the system has more exposure to heat than any other, there will be additional stress on the material. This can cause an issue in one specific part of your guttering. So, it is a good idea to check it all.

What if there is already a clog?

With gutters that are already struggling with a blockage, the heat simply makes things worse. Pipes can struggle in the extreme weather and are especially vulnerable to hot temperatures. This is certainly true when you don’t maintain them correctly.

Hot weather leads to pipes expanding, influencing their volume, area, and shape. We call this thermal shock, which is the quick heating or cooling of an object. It can cause cracks or even burst pipes, which can lead to gutters leaking. If you want to keep things under control, you must properly maintain your guttering.

Extensive roof cleaning in Woking

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we work with clients to help them prevent problems with their roofs and gutters. We understand what can go wrong with both once they become filthy and full of debris. As such, we make sure that we clean everything thoroughly.

So, if you wish to work with the top company offering roof cleaning Woking has, contact us today. We have lots of happy local customers who rely on us to keep their properties in the best shape.