Roof cleaning Epsom

Adapting the cleaning to suit your roof

The great thing about roofing covers is you can choose all kinds of different materials. The classic choice is tiles but you could also opt for metal sheets, shingles, and even thatch in some cases. One thing you need to do, no matter what material it is, is keep the surface clean. That will extend the life of the roofing. We can help with this, offering the very best roof cleaning Epsom home owners can ask for.

We adapt our service to make sure it is right for the surface. That means we can provide the best results without risking damage to the materials.


The most important thing with traditional clay and concrete tiles is to remember they usually have protective coatings. As a result you need to clean them gently, avoiding abrasive methods like pressure washing. Plus, although they will look strong and sturdy, the materials are fragile and can crack if you use too much force.

Gentle hand cleaning is a better option. It can also help to remove efflorescence and make the tiles look like new.


Many people favour the aesthetics of a beautiful slate roof. However, again you need to be careful with the cleaning. The slates are very thin and even more delicate than tiles. They can be prone to splitting too, especially if there is excessive moisture because of debris or organic growths.

So, again you should use gentle hand cleaning without relying on a pressure washer or even a high power hose. You also need to avoid any chemicals that could affect the colour and patina.

Metal sheets

The sheeting is the most modern option for roofing. There are lots of choices, including tile form sheets and insulated panels. Because they are metal, the materials are very durable and should be long lasting. But, you need to clean them properly.

Again you must make sure you don’t damage any protective coating. It is even more important with steel sheeting as it would allow corrosion and eventually cause leaks. As a result, even with hand cleaning, you must be careful. You can’t simply scrape everything off.

Arrange the best roof cleaning in Epsom

We are a team you can rely on to clean any kind of roof. As well as the materials above, we can effectively work on all kinds of flat roofing. We are always careful to make sure we don’t cause any damage here either. Overall our only goal is to make sure the roofs look great and last longer.

So, if you would like a great service for you property, contact us and get the highest quality roof cleaning Epsom has to offer. Local home owners trust us to take care of their properties. In fact, we have clients who have regular maintenance schedules with us.