Cleaning methods for ugly roof stains

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One of the worst things to see on a roof is stains. They can come from all kinds of things, including leaves and organic growths like moss and algae. It can be quite unsightly, especially when they are all over the surface.

Luckily, the right roof cleaning can get rid of the stains. It is important to get a professional service here though. The wrong type of clean can damage the roofing materials and may not even tackle the stains. However an expert service will produce better results, be safer, and be a better use of your money.


There are several different options for cleaning the stains. One to avoid though is pressure washing. It is not very effective and can actually damage the roof materials. If a contractor recommends it, you should look elsewhere for a better service.

Another method you may want to stay away from is using chlorine bleach. While it may kill organic growths and remove leaf stains, the chemicals can be harmful to people, pets, and the environment. The chemicals can also leave a strong odour and can take several applications, especially if the organic growths are well established.

By far the best option is to use a gentle, low pressure clean and a reliable biocide. Begin by gently scraping off all dirt and debris. Then, a low pressure spray of the biocide can take care of the surface. This won’t cause damage to the roof materials and the product is safe and eco-friendly.

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