Debris dams are serious business

Due to how delicate each roof is, careful planning and execution is needed when cleaning them. As opposed to using pressure washers, which have proven themselves to be quite damaging to tiles, we instead prefer to do everything by hand. As one of the finest teams of roof cleaners Surrey has available, we’re the people to call if you want a long lasting and fruitful solution.

Everyone knows that feeling when you purchase something that’s brand new; be it a pair of trainers, clothes or even a roof, it feels clean, new and nice to have. However, we also understand that these things do not remain in this state forever, with roofs being a testament to this. The day they are completed, the surface appears all clean and pristine. Fast forward a decade or so and the rooftop can begin to look older and might require cleaning.

There are numerous things that can result in your roof shingles becoming unsightly; falling debris is perhaps the primary offender. Typical examples of debris that find their ways onto your property include the likes of acorns, sticks, branches, leafs, and pine straw. Some fall onto the roofs, others are blown on, and all the rest are brought to the top by animals like squirrels or birds.

If at this point you’re wondering how some simple sticks and leaves can be detrimental to a roof, then you aren’t alone, as many others have asked about this. In short, the debris can create a dam which prevents water from draining away. When this occurs, a build-up occurs and can potentially backup beneath your shingles. This shall lead to rotting in your roof decking and cause leaks inside your house. The leaks themselves result in water damage to the floors, walls and sheetrock.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we make use of the most up to date equipment and a range of effective techniques when working on your roof. In order to make the results long lasting, we utilise a special biocide that works to discourage moss and algae from regrowing for years to come. This will help to ensure water can flow freely and quickly off the surface. At the end, what we hope to give you is a roof that looks just like new.

If you have any questions for the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer please contact us.