Avoiding disastrous moss removal approaches

As you can probably tell from the name, our speciality is that of roof and gutter cleaning. At first, you might be tempted to ask what it is that makes us stand out from other companies. The answer is that, instead of pressure washers, we opt to do everything by hand, providing you with a much safer solution. Being one of the best places for roof cleaning Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean is the business to call if you have any problems.

Moss is a species of plant that thrives in cooler locales, with there being a multitude of variants in existence. Typical characteristics include the fact that moss doesn’t have anything to do with seeds or flowers. Furthermore, having a damp environment to expand in is essential to their survival, as they don’t have any kind of root system in place to collect water.

You may be familiar with how to kill the moss on your rooftop, but what about those strategies that you should avoid? This process isn’t as straightforward as it seems, because one wrong move here is all it takes to ruin your roof. Acids for instance are not recommended. If they are too strong or they remain for a prolonged amount of time, your shingles will deteriorate. When utilising a special chemical solution, ensure that it has been adequately tested.

Make certain that you don’t use too much pressure when scraping it off either. If you do, then this can potentially crack, rip and break your asphalt shingles. Should water be used during moss removal efforts, it shouldn’t be sprayed in an upwards angle. This can lead to the liquid passing beneath the shingles, leaking into the house, or rotting roof’s wooden decking. In some cases both occur.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean only tried and tested methods are utilised by our team when they take on roof cleaning projects. In order to produce the greatest results for our clients, we have made the best effort to ensure our cleaners are highly trained and competent. We strive to deliver customers nothing but the best, so contact us if your roofs or gutters need attending to.