Haste can make waste with metal roofs

The reputation held by our business is one that has been built upon a service that is not only quick, but produces outstanding results as well. Forgoing pressure washing in favour of a manual approach to things, we also seek to clean your rooftop without compromising it in any way. We are one of the model roof cleaning companies Surrey residents can contact if their roofs could do with some elbow grease.

Prior to cleaning a metal roof, an extensive examination must be undertaken. Seeing as how certain parts of these roofs might be playing host to corrosion, they may have become weakened, making a simple walk on top very risky. Additionally, numerous standing seam roofs come with sharpened edges, especially if the seam has moved or been bent as time has progressed, further increasing the dangers present. For these reasons, it’s best not to take any chances yourself and phone a professional.

Apart from sections that have been disfigured, you will also need to be on the lookout for what it is exactly that must cleaned off your property. White rooftops, which have been stained thanks to green/blue algae, might require a separate cleaner than a green coloured roof that only has a minimal number of layers of debris, pine sap and dust.

Before any kind of cleaning takes place at all, you need to be aware of what it is you are dealing with. If at any point you are uncertain of what it is you are attempting to remove, concerned over possible devastation or corrosion to your rooftop, or don’t know if the cleanser you are employing shall harm your painted surface, then get in touch with someone who’s confident in what they are doing.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean to obtain the high calibre results that we are known for, we ensure our team are very highly trained. Our team work with the upmost efficiency, leading to a roof that looks just as good as new.

The next time your roof demands attention, we hope you’ll give some thought to contacting us. After-all we are one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer.