Why cleaning your roof is necessary in making it last

Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean practice in the professional cleaning of roofs, guttering, and even driveways. Based in the centre of the county, we have built an excellent reputation for reliable and stunning cleaning results. In addition help from the best roof cleaners Surrey has can help to extend the life of your roofing.

It is necessary to clean your roof as often as it needs doing. Where your home is situated will determine how often cleaning is required. If your house is close to greener areas it will generally need to be cleaned more. This is because, if you haven’t noticed before, a build up of biological growth, like moss, becomes apparent; and in turn causes your roof to deteriorate much more quickly.

Cleaning your guttering is just as important too. Not only do gutters manoeuvre the water to the allocated outlets; they also prevent a build up. Not cleaning your guttering allows debris to accumulate which blocks the entire system. Consequently, this may create a pool sitting on the edge of your roof, making the gutters become weaker. The water sitting there could potentially lead to thermal shock of the waterproofing. This occurs due to the fact that water freezes and thaws.

How we clean up these kinds of problems is rather straightforward; we will give you an insight here. Most people think that the best way of removing moss build up on roofs is to jet wash it. Wrong. This will damage the roofing materials and even forces water into the loft. We remove the moss manually, then apply biocide to stop it from returning.

A similar gentle method is used on guttering too; we will clean out your gutters using a pole system which quickly gets the job done. Once that’s finished, we can install balloon caps to prevent blockages happening in the future. We can also bring back a shiny new look on your gutters. Using a detergent wash, we will buff your guttering, making it look brand new once again!

Hopefully, this gave you some insight into why roof and gutter cleaning is necessary. We only use the best methods for a well invested and lasting job for all our clients. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer.