Don’t let algae ruin your roof

Algae growing on a roof can cause damage to shingles as well as creating black stains that harm the aesthetics of the property. If you regularly see granules around the drains fed by drainpipes from your roof, it is a sign that the shingles are getting worn away. It is important to take action sooner rather than later in these instances to protect the roof and prevent water from accessing the loft.

The best way to tackle algae covered roofs is to clean the surface by hand, replace any damaged and brittle shingles, and use a biocide to create a protective barrier. The hands-on method is recommended because it allows the surface to be cleaned to a high standard whilst also minimising the risk of damage. This is important or you can find yourself facing a much bigger bill to replace more of the roofing materials.

If you do choose to get your roof cleaned it is important the whole surface is cared for rather than cleaning single spots. Spot cleans will only protect the area you clean and leave the other parts of the roof vulnerable. They can also leave you with a cleaner area that makes it obvious only a small section has been cleaned. On the other hand, cleaning the whole surface will make the roof look fresh and new.

Cleaning the algae off your roof will make the shingles look rejuvenated and extend the life of the surface. This is particularly useful when you consider that algae typically grows on the roof in spots where there is shade and moisture. The organic matter can precede the growth of thicker materials like lichen and moss, which will cause even more damage to the surface, so it is advisable to tackle the problem early.

As roof cleaners based in Surrey, we are extremely experienced at tackling algae problems on roofs. We can clean entire surfaces, get rid of all black stains and ensure all traces of the organic material are removed. We do this by hand to protect the shingles from unnecessary damage. Afterwards we use a specially selected biocide that will protect the roof for several months. Whenever you need roof cleaners please consider us; we provide a first rate service and fantastic value for money.