Resolving moss problems

Sloping roofs are common in the UK because they are efficient at redirecting water away from the surface when it rains. The slope allows the water to flow into guttering, down the drainpipe and ultimately into the sewer system. This protects the property and prevents the water from gathering and infiltrating the roof.

One potential problem with sloped roofs is that they tend to have a shaded side that doesn’t receive as much sunlight. This can be the perfect setting for moss to grow. Once the organic matter takes hold on the surface it can grow across the whole roof, leaving the roof saturated with rain water, increasing wear and tear on the tiles, and blocking gutters and drainpipes. These issues can result in leaks and water accessing the roof where it can cause structural damage.

The best way to tackle a moss problem is to have the roof professionally cleaned. This will remove the organic matter and allow water to flow away efficiently. Services that clean the roof by hand rather than using abrasive methods like pressure washers are the best for this and will cause minimal damage.

It is best to wait for a warm sunny day to clean moss from a roof. The sun will dry the organic matter out and leave it brittle. It is then much easier to remove. When moss is wet it is harder to deal with and messier. Warm, dry days also make it easier to ensure that the roof cleaners are safe because surfaces won’t be slippery.

We carry out roof cleaning across Surrey and can transform your home, getting rid of the moss covered roofing and leaving clean, attractive tiles behind. Our experienced team will find the safest way to access each roof and ensure the surface is cleaned carefully and effectively. If the moss has found its way into guttering, we will clean that for you too. If you have a problem with moss on the roof and have noticed worrying signs such as sagging guttering, we can tackle the problem for you. Please contact us to arrange a service at a time to suit you.