Milder weather means more moss

As spring is now here, we can look back at the winter months and see that they were not quite as harsh as many bureaus expected. Despite the fact that we were predicted to have one of the coldest winters of the last few years, the weather was for the most part relatively mild. While this made day to day life a good deal easier, it has not been good news for roofing.

The milder weather over November and December, coupled with the wet conditions brought by storms in January and February, has served to create the perfect circumstances for the growth of moss and algae. If you’ve looked at your roofing in the last few weeks and noticed that there’s more moss and growth on them than usual, you are far from the only one.

As this moss and other growths are likely to be causing long term damage to your roofing, it’s better to get it professionally removed as soon as possible. Now is the best time to do this, as when summer comes along the growth is going to be further accelerated. Over the years we have come to be recognised as one of the most trusted roof cleaning companies in Surrey, providing safe and gentle techniques for getting rid of moss and algae.

Our moss removal and biocide treatment does not only clean your roof and restore it back to its former glory; it goes further by inhibiting the future growth and spread of moss. While it’s impossible to make completely sure a roof will remain moss free forever, time and again our approach has been proven as the best and most effective long term solution for roofs which are prone to these issues. If you’ve found your roof has suffered from the weather conditions over the last few months, don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how we can rectify the issue.