Tackle algae problems before they take hold

Algae commonly grows on roofs in the UK, especially the shaded sides where the moisture will remain on the surface for longer. Over time the growth can spread across the surface, creating large stains that spoil the appearance of the roof. If you don’t take care of the problem quickly, it can cover the whole roof and leave a much bigger job in the future.

Cleaning algae from a roof is a relatively straightforward process. The surface can be cleaned with help from a gentle biocide. This will kill the organic matter and provide some protection for the coming months. The clean surface should look fresh and new because the algae have no roots and shouldn’t cause too much damage to tiles.

Many roofs in the UK feature copper or zinc strips, known as flashings, to prevent algae from growing. When the strips get wet traces of the elements are washed down the roof. Both are poisonous to plant matter and prevent it from growing on the surface. You can regularly see flashings installed around the base of chimneys and along the ridge of a roof.

One thing to keep in mind with algae covered roofs is that the growths will occur where there is shade and moisture. These same conditions are attractive to other plant matter as well. Algae can be a pre-cursor to moss if you are not careful and unfortunately mosses cause more damaged to roof materials because they do have roots and keep moisture on the surface for much longer. It is better to tackle algae problems before they can worsen and take steps to prevent moss growing in these areas.

As long established roof cleaners based in Surrey, we have extensive experience with algae and moss covered roofs. We can provide a full range of cleaning services to tackle problems and ensure the roof is left clean and free from unwanted growths. Our team are highly skilled and will work on each surface with care, ensuring the materials are protected as much as possible. If you would like professional services to keep your roof clean and looking its best, please contact us.