Treating a roof with a biocide

A biocide treatment can transform roofs, freshening up tiles and giving them extra protection against the growth of moss, algae and lichens. The products are designed to treat grained surfaces like roof tiles and can make them look fresh and new. If you’re looking to get rid of stains or organic growths, or want dull tiling to look brighter you should choose a suitable treatment.

Biocides are used to control unwanted or harmful organisms. Everyday items like disinfectants, wood preservers and insect repellent all fall into this category of products. Biocides are widely used around the world in all sectors, from homes to hospitals and all kinds of business premises. The products that find their way onto the market need to adhere to specific regulations and safeguards to ensure they don’t pose harm to humans, animals and the wider environment.

When you decide to get a biocide treatment for your roof it is essential that the product will not damage the property, harm inhabitants or have an impact on the wider environment. It is a good idea to call on a professional company that has already done the hard work to select a suitable product. They will give you the confidence that the treatment they offer will provide great results and the absolute minimum chance for nasty side effects.

We are dedicated to professional roof cleaning in Surrey, and we use a specially selected biocide that is fast acting and 100% effective whilst also being safe for use. The product will protect the roof tiles for a long period of time and keep them looking fresh and clean. Our roof cleaners are accomplished at using the biocide and will deliver fantastic results for every property.

The biocide treatment we offer is a perfect accompaniment to our moss removal service. If your roof is plagued by the organic material we can remove it for you and apply the product to protect the tiles. The transformation of your roof will be fast and boost the aesthetics of the property a great deal.

If you want to work with one of the most experienced roof cleaning companies in your area please contact us. We will deliver a top quality service every time.