Do I really need to clean my roof?

As you might expect in our profession, we find ourselves involved in many conversations on the subject of roof cleaning. We are always ready to answer any questions about the work we do, and to voice our view on any information someone has heard but is unsure of. For example, we are often asked if it is really necessary to have a roof professionally cleaned at all, as it would seem that the roof would essentially clean itself. However, this is not true.

We have often heard the myths that growths on roofing, such as moss, are “self regulating”. In other words, it was thought that clearing moss off your roof was a waste of time, as the growth and presence was naturally controlled by the changing seasons. This is absolutely untrue. Moss left unattended will do only one thing, and that’s continue to grow.

It would be wonderful if it did regulate itself, as it would mean we could all rely on nature to look after our roofing for us, but in the real world it is vital to have moss removed as soon as it appears in order to keep our roofs in excellent condition. If it is not removed, moss can cause small cracks to appear in your roof tiles, and as it retains rainwater your building will be at risk of damp, structural issues and many more problems which will require much more serious attention than a simple clean.

We would imagine you don’t need us to tell you how important your roofing is. Making sure that it is able to protect your home and give shelter from the weather is essential, and our cleaning services contribute towards this. If you have any questions or concerns about roof cleaning, then you can rest assured you can ask us for information and clarification. We are always ready to help, and our reputation as one of the leading roof cleaning companies in Surrey means that our answers can be trusted.