Protecting the grain of roof tiles

Roof tiles are surprisingly delicate even though they play such an important role in protecting your home. Once the grainy surface layer is removed they can become immensely brittle and easier to break. Fortunately if you take care to keep the roof clean and free of debris you can extend their lifecycle and reduce the need for replacements.

One thing you need to keep an eye out for is moss growing on the surface. The organic matter can damage tiles by holding excessive amounts of water on the roof. This can result in higher wear than expected, especially when coupled with a period of cold temperatures. The graining of the tiles can be damaged as a result.

Moss should be removed from a surface early to keep the damage to the absolute minimum. Care needs to be taken though to ensure that the tiles are not inadvertently damaged in the process of cleaning them. This means you should avoid pressure washing as this can strip the protective layer off the tiles as well as the organic matter. The process could leave you needing more replacements.

The best option to remove moss with minimal impact on the tiles is to clean them by hand. This is gentle and allows a high quality clean that will get rid of all traces of the material without causing more damage to the tiling.

If you would like a professional cleaning service from a team of experienced roof cleaners based in Surrey you can call on us. Our team are highly skilled and will deliver the very best results, including clean tiles that still have a lot of life in them. If we uncover broken and worn ones whilst we are working we can replace them for you so your roof is left healthy.

On top of this we can provide biocide treatment so your roof remains free of moss, algae and lichen for the next few months. This means you can get even more enjoyment from your newly cleaned roofing.

If you would like to arrange a service or want some advice please contact us.