Restoring your roof and guttering to its clean best

No one likes it when the appearance of the roof of their property becomes ruined by the sight of moss. It is unattractive and can also result in gutters becoming filled with dirt too, affecting how well they perform. At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we use non-destructive cleaning methods in order to restore your home to its former glory, removing all of the moss and other debris by hand.

In most cases moss is not a major concern beyond the harm to the aesthetics. However, it can cause issues if left over a long time. Mosses can build up and block your gutters which can possibly lead to overflows. They keep water on the surface too, resulting in additional wear. This is a further problem when the weather is cold because the water can freeze.

If moss is allowed to build up in gutters it increases the possibility of them becoming blocked. This can lead to structural damage because of the additional weight. The blockage can even send water into the property rather than directing it away. We not only clean out the gutter using our specialist equipment, but also install balloon caps to help prevent future blockage. If algae has given your gutter an unsightly look, we can use our special detergent to clear it away and leave it looking fabulous.

As opposed to applying high pressure washing methods, our roof cleaning service offers a gentler, manual approach to removing the moss. We can either scrape or wire brush the tiles, choosing the technique to suit the condition of the tiling. If it already fragile we can use specialist equipment to perform the job carefully. If needed, we will replace the broken tiles too.

Our roof cleaning services can be used for either fashionable or functional reasons. We leave your home in top structural condition and also make it a shining example that stands out within the community. Our team are on hand to fulfil all of your requirements and advise on the best way to accomplish the clean.