Keep your roof in check this summer

Although it is not typically on everyone’s mind and often gets neglected, your roof is one of the most important aspects of your house. The surface protects against the weather and helps keep the property insulated. However, to maintain your roofing so that it is up to standards and is able to keep the weather out and the heat in you need to look after it.

Keeping your roof clean and in order can really benefit your home. The care will reduce wear to the surface and keep it functioning properly. This can minimise the risk of damage and other problems such as draughts. In turn this reduces your repair costs. The maintenance also helps to keep the property looking nice and well presented.

Leaving your roof unclean for a long time can create permanent stains and this will considerably lower the curb value of your home if you are looking to sell. Prospective buyers may view the surface and weigh up the cost of replacing part of or the whole surface to improve the aesthetics. This could deter them from buying or result in a lower offer. A professional clean can make the roofing more visually appealing and help you to get more interest and better value.

If you are interested in a professional roof cleaning service from an experienced provider then we are ideal for you. We have a great deal of experience with manual moss removal; property owners can expect us to handle the job with the highest care. We ensure we protect the tiles when working on a roof and can even replace those ones that have already been damaged.

We also provide treatments for stained roofs if they are necessary to refresh them. We take the ultimate amount of care with this service and can be trusted to deliver quality. The products we use are carefully chosen to ensure they are not harmful to the environment or your property. You can rely on our experience and the competency of our team.

We are proud to be one of the leading roof cleaning companies operating in Surrey. If you would like to arrange a professional service please contact us to discuss the condition of your roof. A few details and we can get an idea of what kind of service you need.