Fight the temptation to do something reckless

We are a business that excels in providing high-class gutter and roof cleaning Surrey customers can always rely on. Making use of manual strategies instead of a pressure washer, we clean your property in such a way that it remains uncompromised throughout the process. Employing some of the most talented roof cleaners, we always plan jobs professionally.

You can’t deny that gutter cleaning is a dangerous household job. Repeatedly, we hear stories of individuals who have injured themselves because the necessary precautions were not taken. These incidents can be avoided however and we’re here to tell you exactly how this can be accomplished.

Whilst moving up and down the ladder, the appropriate footwear should be worn. The ideal choice is clean shoes that come with rubber soles. The reason why rubber soles are preferred is that they work wonders at stopping slipping and falls. Whatever you do, don’t wear sandals or flip flops while cleaning a gutter, as these two provide the minimal amount of support.

Overreaching during cleaning is also strongly discouraged. We understand that relocating your ladder every time you need to move can be irksome. Ladders can be very awkward, which makes it even more tempting for us to attempt to reach out as much as we can to get to the debris in the gutters. Just ensure that you don’t end up overreaching when on your ladder. Aside from throwing you off balance, this approach can lead to an unexpected fall. Despite the fact that repositioning is exasperating, it’s still the right thing to do.

At Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean, we don’t take any unnecessary risks when providing cleaning services. Our team is trained to properly handle each situation in ways that not only keep them safe, but everyone else within the area as well.

Should you require our assistance, simply get in touch with us. With our team you can be confident you are dealing with the most professional providers of roof cleaning Surrey has to offer.