Why is keeping your gutter clean so important?

Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean is considered to be a fast and reliable provider by all our customers. We deliver exceptional cleaning results every single time. Specialising in these services means we understand when the best time is for your roof and gutters to be cleaned and why it’s so important. We have become one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has as a result of our knowledge and fast services.

The most common reasons why it is important to keep your roof and gutters clean is because it can result in leaks. A build up of debris can prevent water from flowing over the surface, potentially causing damage to your home as it seeps under the roof or down walls.

If neglected, gutters can create a nightmare. A build-up of sticks, leaves, and other debris this can create a plug; consequently making a pool of water form. An accumulation of water like this can cause damage to the interior and exterior parts of your home. Professional gutter and roof cleaners, such as ourselves, have even seen these blockages manifest rodents, mould and bee hives.

So how often should they be cleaned?
This can all depend on where you live and how much green vegetation, such as trees, surround your home. Generally, it is advised to have your gutters cleaned in the spring and autumn. If you live in an area with lots of trees you may need more frequent cleans.

To add longevity to your roof tiles, guttering systems need to be maintained as often as stated above. Each house varies, and Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean understands this; that is why we will always survey your roof and guttering in order to determine the extent of the job.

You can be assured that when using us our work will show outstanding results. Our team are highly skilled and have the ability to carry out all work at high standards.

If you require any of our services from one of the most reputable roof cleaning companies Surrey has, don’t hesitate to get in touch.