Treating lichen growing on your roof

What’s to like about lichen, particularly when it invades your roofs and gutters? The ugly growth spreads across outdoor surfaces and holds on with a powerful grip. Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean can provide services to get rid it though. We have the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer, delivering unbeatable standards on every single roof.

Lichen is an algae/fungus organism and can appear on surfaces as small leafy structures or patches of crust. It thrives on roofs and in gutters because of a combination of carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water. There are different types which can grow in a variety of conditions, from the cold arctic, to a hot desert.

Although lichen may appear harmless, it can sometimes cause damage to many outdoor surfaces such as your roof or gutters. The algae can hold moisture on the surface, speeding up the wear and tear of materials, including shortening your roof tile’s life. An example of damage is the moisture turning into frost and causing the tiles to warp.

So how do you tackle lichen?
Removing it manually can prove to be rather time consuming and labour intensive. It can hold on with a tight grip, and you may accidentally remove the protective layers of your roof tiles if scraping it. The same can also occur when pressure washing, which can also encourage moss to return quicker.

Here at Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we offer a gentle method of brushing your tiles to best remove the lichen. Based on the survey and your requirements, biocide treatment is also available. This is 100% effective in removing any trace of lichen or moss, preventing regrowth.

It is important to keep up with maintaining your roof and gutters. The removal of lichen should be considered a vital part of this. For exceptional results, get in touch with us. We have the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer on our team, delivering high quality services.