A gutter shouldn’t sag or act like a waterfall

As time passes, the state of your roof, not to mention your guttering, deteriorates. The severity of the deterioration depends on how long you leave before treating the problem. If left for too great a period, things literally begin to fall apart. The best thing to do is to take steps to ensure that your property is maintained annually. As one of the top providers of roof cleaning Surrey has available, we are the people to rely on for all of your gutter and roofing requirements.

It’s surprising to think that something as small as a gutter can have such a dramatic impact on the condition of your house. This is only when they become clogged of course, because they lose their ability to transport water away from the main structure.

The complications caused by a clogged gutter regularly aren’t cheap to repair either; some cost hundreds or potentially thousands of pounds. If you want to keep your home in order and save yourself some large bills while you’re at it, be on the lookout for the following signs of clogging.

If there’s water spilling over your gutter’s side in a waterfall like fashion it indicates that there’s a clog. This barrier is able to force the water past the sides of the guttering, which in turn will lead to costly water damages. To give an example, if you find that your basement is flooding it could be because the water is spilling out of the gutter and falling to the ground where it can soak into the ground and subterranean rooms.

Another symptom of a blockage is sagging. The debris gathering inside, be it leaves, pine needles, or shingle grit, is pushing its weight down on the system, causing it to bend and sag. Should enough debris be allowed to remain for too long, the excessive weight shall start wearing on your gutter. In the worst-case scenario, the whole thing might pull away from your house.

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